Single M.O.M.S. Brunch

From Sucks To Success

February 28, 2021 Lequita Brooks Season 1 Episode 4
Single M.O.M.S. Brunch
From Sucks To Success
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Hey there Single Working Moms, have you ever thought, "I feel like I am failing my child and I want to know how to be a better mom?" Guess what moms, you are not alone! I recently did a survey in a Single Moms group to identify how many single moms feel like they are failing their child. Surprisingly, 99% of the moms said "Yes", I feel like I am failing my child.  In this podcast, have pen and paper ready to answer these questions for yourself using the M.O.M.S. Framework to help you change your mindset from "I am failing my child" to "I am a successful mom that is doing the best that I can in this second with the information that I have".

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Single Working Mom Motivation
How do you define success? Be descriptive.
How do you perceive your ability to achieve success?
What challenges have you experienced with achieving success?
What can you do to overcome the challenges that are hindering you from achieving success?
What date and time are you going to implement the steps required to work towards achieving success?
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